Sharing is caring! We’d love to share with you some of our fun little side-projects. Check back with us often to see some more cool, free and downloadable goodies!

Glyfyx Goody Pack

A cool kit of fun ephemeral objects including an Alphabuild sticker sheet and colorful alphabet and robot postcards, plus a couple of shimmery balloons. Sign up to have this kit snail-mailed to you right away!

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Color the Alphabet

Who doesn’t like a blank coloring page and a bunch of freshly-sharpened colored pencils? We have a collection of coloring pages featuring each letter of the alphabet with a beautiful and mesmerizing pattern to fill in.

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Tweet to Buy!

Be our megaphone and get a free font! All you have to do is tweet about our Bitblox fonts using “Tweet to Buy” and you can download one of our fonts for free. Read more here!