Bitblox Fonts

Bitblox Fonts - 8 amazing pixelated fonts!


Pixels, Pixels Everywhere

We created the these fonts for our Bitblox alphabet blocks. They were inspired by the low-res pixel lettering seen on the computer screens and in video games of yore. The fonts are guaranteed to induce flashbacks in anyone who’s been exposed to consoles / terminals / IBM / DOS / AS/400 graphics in the olden days.

Each Bitblox character is built on a grid of pixels known as a matrix. The matrix creates constraint, but that very constraint yields interesting and evocative forms.

Bitblox: 8 Great Styles!

REGULAR is the basic type, the vanilla flavor of the group, and is contained within a 9×9 pixel grid.

OUTLINE is built on an 11×11 grid and layers up with the Vanilla style to create fun two-tone type!

DIMENSIONAL has a built in drop-shadow to give it a 3D POP!

EMBIGGENED is a the chunky bold weight, and it packs a punch.

MONOSPACE is a tabular version of the original Vanilla style. Robots (and programmers) like this style the best.

BLOCKED encloses each glyph in a cozy pixel-block.

DINGBATS is a complete collection of our nostalgically crafted symbols.

STACKABLE is a combination of Regular, Outlined, and Dimensional allowing you to create colorful color-ways that are perfectly aligned.

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Wooden Blocks and Free Fonts

Buy a set of Bitblox, get all 8 fonts free.

That’s right — these great fonts are yours free when you buy a set of our wooden alphabet blocks. Bitblox are a limited-edition exclusive, so order your set today!

  • Each set consists of 28 blocks (168 glyphs total).
  • Made from renewable, American grown, kiln-dried basswood.
  • Hand-manufactured in the United States.
  • 6 vibrant colors: blue, pink, orange, chartreuse, purple, green.
  • Printed with non-toxic, child-safe inks.
  • Each block is 1¾ x 1¾ x 1¾ inches.
  • 56 embossed faces (suitable for paper rubbings!).
  • Slight variations in color and texture may be present in the wood, making each set truly unique.

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Bitblox: Wooden Pixel Blocks


Bitblox Type Specimens

BITBLOX Typeface Font Specimens


Bitblox PDF specimen here!

Do you want more details? Just download the PDF specimen for Bitblox to view the complete character set for all 8 fonts.

Download the Bitblox PDF Specimen