Moms With Apps Event at the Downtown SF Apple Store

Moms With Apps Event

Moms With Apps hosted an excellent get-together this afternoon at the downtown San Francisco Apple store… which was even more abuzz than usual thanks to the iPad launch on the 16th. The presenters had entertaining and insightful information to share, and we enjoyed chatting with folks we’ve admired for a long time. Our son also had a lot of fun playing with different apps, side by side with other kids at the store. In attendance were Michelangelo Capraro from Kidoodle Apps, Ahmed Siddiqui from Go Go Mongo!, Madhavi Sankholkar from Learn With Fun Apps, Ush Patel from Bright Start Apps, Survi Gopal and Kunal Desai from Niyaa, Bob Bruce and Emmy Chen from Abitalk, Mike and Poorani Doonan from Speech With Milo, Nirupama Bala from Frolyc, and Lorraine Akemann, Moderator and Moms With Apps Founder. Thanks, Lorraine and everyone! Really looking forward to the next opportunity to meet.