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Moms With Apps Event at the Downtown SF Apple Store

Moms With Apps hosted an excellent get-together this afternoon at the downtown San Francisco Apple store… which was even more abuzz than usual thanks to the iPad launch on the 16th. The presenters had entertaining and insightful information to share, and we enjoyed chatting with folks we’ve admired for a long time. Our son also […]

Hello, Third Gen iPad

Alphabuild looks great on the new iPad. The Retina display automatically makes use of our higher resolution artwork, so images look crisp at full-screen (2x) — much better than on the previous iPads. Alphabuild isn’t a universal app, and doesn’t have Retina-grade art for the new iPad (only for the iPhone 4+). If it were […]

Staff Favorite

We’re thrilled to see Alphabuild featured as a Staff Favorite on the App Store home page in China. Alphabuild has been on a range of other App Store lists and charts over the past nine months (it remains well ensconced on What’s Hot lists in the USA and Japan) but this is the first time […]

Alphabuild’s Happy App Map

Although most time is spent within an app’s core game environment, lots of support nodes are needed to make an app whole. This image maps out the 40+ ancillary screens for Alphabuild and shows how they interconnect. [Click the image to zoom in to the full PDF.] This is an internal schematic, but we really […]

Recommended App: Moms with Apps

There are lots of great things about Moms with Apps as an organization, for developers, and for parents + teachers looking for quality kids’ apps. One above-and-beyond nugget of loveliness is their free (and ad free) mobile app. It auto updates its listings to include the latest apps by MWA members. Check it out on the App […]