Bitblox Stackable Font


We originally created these fonts for our Bitblox alphabet blocks. They were inspired by the low-res pixel lettering seen on the computer screens and in video games of yore. This font is guaranteed to induce flashbacks in anyone who’s been exposed to consoles / terminals / IBM / DOS / AS/400 graphics in the olden days.

The Stackable font contains over 250+ glyphs, kerning, and dingbats. For more detailed information download the PDF specimen.


Bitblox Stackable: Digital Typeface

The Complete Bitblox typeface includes:


REGULAR is the basic type, the vanilla flavor of the group.

OUTLINE layers up with the Stackable style to create fun two-tone type!

DIMENSIONAL has a built in drop-shadow to give it a 3D POP!

EMBIGGENED is a the chunky bold weight, and it packs a punch.

MONOSPACE is a tabular version of the original Vanilla style. Robots (and robot programmers) like this style the best.

BLOCKED encloses each glyph in a cozy pixel-block.

DINGBATS is a complete collection of our nostalgically crafted symbols.

STACKABLE is a the basic type optimized for stacking with Outlined, and Dimensional. Allowing you to create colorful color-ways that are perfectly aligned.