Here are a few items from our workshop. We've got more good stuff on the way, so join us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and special offers.

  • BITBLOX Alphabet Blocks

    Spell, build and decorate with these beautifully crafted wooden letter blocks. They're the coolest letter blocks ever, and a limited-edition, Glyfyx exclusive. Buy a set today for the letter-loving geek in your life (including yourself).

  • ALPHABUILD for iPhone and iPad

    A unique letter-factory game for iPhone & iPad. Capture objects to build the alphabet while avoiding oddball obstacles. 4.8 out of 5 stars in iTunes, and a Parenting magazine app of the week. Only 99¢ — get it today!Download on the App Store

  • BITBLOX OpenType Fonts

    A suite of über-pixelated fonts, just for you. Originally built for Glyfyx' Bitblox alphabet blocks. Available in eight styles, in OpenType format. Best of all: these fonts are free with every purchase of Bitblox alphabet blocks.


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    Mega-blog of everything awesome, BoingBoing, has featured our pixelated alphabet blocks, Bitblox, on their site!! We’re so honored! We highly recommend their Family section, which they’ve amped up lately. They have book & app reviews, craft & outing suggestions and more family-fun stuff.

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    Geek-parent site, Nerdy With Children has featured our pixel-art inspired Bitblox on their blog! They write: “As long as you’re teaching your kids the alphabet properly, it should be fine if we add in a little bit of picture association and some fun, no? … Your kids will liken hearts to love and understanding, while we’ll associate it […]