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Alphabetic Order: Type Design Classes

We’re super excited that Alphabetic Order, the educational leg of our type & design studio tripod, is holding its first Type Design Class tomorrow. The Type Design Intensive is a comprehensive hands-on workshop delving into the processes, best practices, and clever techniques you need to produce your own fonts in an efficient and directed manner. We’ll […]

Types and Character - Type design at CCA

Types and Characters: Glyfyx at CCA

Just yesterday the Glyfyx (aka PSY/OPS) crew visited California College of the Arts’ type design exhibition Types and Characters. The exhibit was beautifully curated by three students of Jon Sueda‘s Advanced Design Exhibition class. Impressive work. The exhibit featured three of CCA’s amazing type anchors (who were also interviewed in the latest issue of Glance […]

New Toy in the Studio

We love new play-things in the Glyfyx studio. Our newest fascination is quite simple, colorful stacking cups by thoughtful toy company Kid O. When you work on your own creative projects all day, it’s nice to take a break and have some hands-on play with something simple and colorful — Oh! and our resident kid […]

Celebrate EARTH DAY with BITBLOX

Bitblox Are Earth-Friendly

Bitblox love our Earth! Each set is hand-manufactured in the United States from sustainably USA-grown bass wood. They’re painted with lead-free inks that are batched-tested, making them healthy for you and the environment. Celebrate Earth Day with Bitblox! Pick up a set of our eco-friendly wooden blocks today from our web-shop. Or, learn more about […]

Glyfyx is mesmerized by Shih Chieh Huang

Glyfyx Visits YBCA

The Glyfyx, Inc. team recently visited the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for a design conference. We took a detour into their museum and were amazed by Shih Chieh Huang‘s dancing electric air contraptions. They moved and clicked and lit up with a rainbow of colors. We love being inspired by new and interesting things. Mesmerizing! To see these […]

Geeks With Juniors – Alphabuild Review

The self-proclaimed geeks over at the technology blog Geeks with Juniors have written up a great article reviewing Alphabuild, our letter-factory educational iOS game. Alphabuild is an excellent, intuitive and fun game to play with. People of all ages can enjoy this game–it is the perfect iPhone game for the entire family. I’d definitely keep […]

In the Shop: Greeting Cards!

We are happy to announce that a series of vibrant typographic greeting cards and postcards now grace our virtual shelves. Each art card features a vibrant illustration inspired by letters and letter shapes. The cards feature posters originally created for our sister site PSY/OPS Type Foundry (which kinda explains our love for everything alphabet). Each […]

Glyfyx Game Pieces

Wooden Game Pieces

At Glyfyx we play around with lots of game ideas, and nothing beats playing off-screen with dice and game pieces. We made and collected these wooden pieces, dice, and cards ourselves to test out ideas and have fun. Looking around the internet we found some other examples of hand-made or vintage game pieces. They have […]

Bitblox on BoingBoing!

Mega-blog of everything awesome, BoingBoing, has featured our pixelated alphabet blocks, Bitblox, on their site!! We’re so honored! We highly recommend their Family section, which they’ve amped up lately. They have book & app reviews, craft & outing suggestions and more family-fun stuff.