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Types and Character - Type design at CCA

Types and Characters: Glyfyx at CCA

Just yesterday the Glyfyx (aka PSY/OPS) crew visited California College of the Arts’ type design exhibition Types and Characters. The exhibit was beautifully curated by three students of Jon Sueda‘s Advanced Design Exhibition class. Impressive work. The exhibit featured three of CCA’s amazing type anchors (who were also interviewed in the latest issue of Glance […]

Celebrate EARTH DAY with BITBLOX

Bitblox Are Earth-Friendly

Bitblox love our Earth! Each set is hand-manufactured in the United States from sustainably USA-grown bass wood. They’re painted with lead-free inks that are batched-tested, making them healthy for you and the environment. Celebrate Earth Day with Bitblox! Pick up a set of our eco-friendly wooden blocks today from our web-shop. Or, learn more about […]

Bitblox on Lofty Littles!

Creative toy curating site, Lofty Littles, has added Bitblox to their toy box! Lofty Littles scours the internet for toys that are “open-ended, simple, original, imaginative, high quality, award winning, highly rated and overall toys that grow with a child.” Boy! Are we honored to be described by any one of those adjectives! They’ve done […]

Nerdy With Children

Geek-parent site, Nerdy With Children has featured our pixel-art inspired Bitblox on their blog! They write: “As long as you’re teaching your kids the alphabet properly, it should be fine if we add in a little bit of picture association and some fun, no? … Your kids will liken hearts to love and understanding, while we’ll associate it […]

Bitblox Typeface Specimen Preview

Bitblox Typeface Specimen!

The Bitblox started as a beautiful set of alphabet blocks, but they could not be contained in wood. Through a highly classified process, the wooden blocks were carefully digitized and manipulated into a collection of highly potent bits and dots. This distilled mixture was then transmuted using a secret alchemical recipe. The result: the BITBLOX TYPEFACE!! To […]