Bitblox on Lofty Littles!

Creative toy curating site, Lofty Littles, has added Bitblox to their toy box! Lofty Littles scours the internet for toys that are “open-ended, simple, original, imaginative, high quality, award winning, highly rated and overall toys that grow with a child.” Boy! Are we honored to be described by any one of those adjectives! They’ve done […]

Nerdy With Children

Geek-parent site, Nerdy With Children has featured our pixel-art inspired Bitblox on their blog! They write: “As long as you’re teaching your kids the alphabet properly, it should be fine if we add in a little bit of picture association and some fun, no? … Your kids will liken hearts to love and understanding, while we’ll associate it […]

Bitblox Typeface Specimen Preview

Bitblox Typeface Specimen!

The Bitblox started as a beautiful set of alphabet blocks, but they could not be contained in wood. Through a highly classified process, the wooden blocks were carefully digitized and manipulated into a collection of highly potent bits and dots. This distilled mixture was then transmuted using a secret alchemical recipe. The result: the BITBLOX TYPEFACE!! To […]

Bitblox: Free Alphabuild


For the first time, Alphabuild will be FREE on the iTunes app store! Alphabuild is your very own letter factory! Build your letters by catching the colored shapes in your light field. Collect power-ups, pop bonus bubbles, earn stars and points as you go! Level One is an easy, no-penalty way to play. In Levels […]

CCA Holiday Fair!

Glyfyx is happy to be a part of the creative and talented California College of the Arts community! Glyfyx has deep roots in CCA: Two of us Glyfees are graduates of the graphic design program, and one of us is a professor in the design department. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase our […]

Bitblox Available

Glyfyx is is happy to announce the formal release of BITBLOX: wooden alphabet blocks for the Digital Age. Each set includes 28 colorful blocks, featuring 168 pixel letters, numbers, symbols and pictograms. Bitblox are a limited-edition item, available exclusively from Glyfyx. A numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each set. The blocks are hand-manufactured […]

Glyfyx Reboot

The summer months here were oh-so active and productive here at Glyfyx. Lots of great brainstorming and prototyping. It’s really taking all our self-control to not show projects until they’re complete, or at least more presentable. As we expand our scope, beyond mobile apps and into fun new frontiers, we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves. Our […]

Alphabuild App Update

We are pleased to announce another Alphabuild app update! It’s now available in the iTunes App Store. You’ll find some spiffed-up, bright and bubbly game graphics. We’ve also removed all external links preventing any accidental web-wandering and making Alphabuild totally COPPA compliant. Enjoy!